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Embodiment has been a jargon word in movement/function circles for awhile. The word makes me a little nervous, like, what happened here?  Did we have a certain “Revenge of the Body Snatchers?”  I mean, are you in your body?  Are you having an astral travel experience? Or, are you dead?   If you are reading this, chances are you are in your body in some more incarnate way.

Maybe I could go for the term Adaptive Embodiment.   Adaptive Embodiment could mean a practice of using perception in a more full manner, thusly feeling more alive and having more fun.

Anyway, I just spent 3 days in a group of Rolfers, all interested in what amounts to a sensory anthropological study and practice.  This study and practice purposely goes for discovering how to find out and remediate sensory perceptions (or lack of use thereof) which may be creating pain in the body, or causing some lack of function.

This sensory exercise (from Rebecca Lisak) will define focal and peripheral vision in the doing of it:

So, put your hand up and examine some minute part of it closely, perhaps a little bitty spot in the palm. Really get into the minuteness of it, you are totally absorbed in this “focal” vision item experience. Observe what is going on with your breath.

keeping viewing the little bitty spot, expand your vision out to all sides, the “peripheral”; you see both the little bitty spot and the rest of the palm of your hand on out to the edges of the hand and on out to as much distance as you can encompass with your vision while still maintaining the view of the bitty spot.  Observe what is going on with your breath.

Now, hone in on this computer page with all the “focal” vision you can muster.  How does that feel?  Now get more peripheral and see if you can keep looking at the computer, reading your email, or whatever.  If you practice this peripherality while at the computer, your significant other or your boss will not be able to sneak up on you while you are supposed to be working, but you are really playing World of Warcraft.

Live long and peripheral…should you choose to accept this mission.

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