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Autism and wormy Moms

Reading this NY Times article about the immune system and the part it plays in children being born with autism, I had a flashback. I was 7 years old and I was very pouty and disgusted. I was having to…
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Audition tips

This is the audition season coming up in the fall and winter. Major changes will be revealed in musicians’ lives depending on the results. Start now. Here are some ideas: Remember that a major US coach for auditions has said…
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The Persistence of Emotional Tone

Just imagine if you will: you-as-yourself are stuck in the middle of L’Temps Perdu, the books, you are the hero existing in the books who is always going to repeat this Perdu-ness, this times-past search of memory and emotion, over…
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Advanced Rolfing®Structural Integration

Let’s get this straight: every move a Rolfer™ makes advances a certain idea of structure. This idea is learned bit by bit, and with persistence, emerges as an integrative body/mind operating procedure that can be followed with individuals who present…
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