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Baseball: RonThompson, Craig Swan, Rolfing® structural integration

When former Mets pitcher Craig Swan first became a Rolfer™ it was big news in the little pond of Rolfing® structural integration.

A year later, in 1988, one of his Rolfing buddies talked him into hosting our NorthEast Regional Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration meeting and a lot of us went up to see his office in Connecticut and to a meeting at his home.

After our business meeting, Craig and one of his buddies from up there talked about their work with the Mets, and Craig talked a little about his original Rolfing series with Ron Thompson, a Tampa Rolfer who has worked with a lot of baseballers and tennis players.

Craig felt that Rolfing with Ron Thompson had extended his career by 2 years, a long time for a pitcher then in the twilight of his career.

At one point Craig was the highest paid pitcher for the Mets.  At the time that we met Craig, there was no internet and about all that could be known by a non-Mets fan was that he was a self-described “journeyman” pitcher.

I loved some tips that I extracted from Craig about throwing and pitching.  And I do mean, extracted, Craig was not at that point excited in the slightest about baseball, and even justified his lack of excitement by saying that when you only play every 4 days or so, you have to sit around a lot and it is pretty boring.

I got the idea that I would like to meet Ron Thompson from Craig, I could tell that Craig had the utmost respect for him; so in 1993 when I saw that Ron was assisting in an Advanced Rolfing Training with the plus of Jim Asher as the lead teacher, I decided to take the course. (again).

We had to show what we could do during the first day, and Ron paid me one of the highest compliments I have ever gotten from another Rolfer:  “I can tell you are a good ol’ bread and butter Rolfer”.   I tried not to smirk.  From reports that I have heard from other Rolfers, Craig is a good ol’ bread and butter Rolfer, too.

To me, the good ol’ is a Rolfer who pays great attention to details of what the client is saying and to the details of the basic goals of structural integration, and in the end:  Voila!  Integration!

Ron Thompson: “Nope, couldn’t throw a baseball when I worked with Craig Swan and can’t throw one now”.

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