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The Unconscious Body/Mind

Watch out!   here is a sort of Loch Ness, a deep sea, where the monsters live and can't be spoken with except by signs and portents, and a growing body of mind works...or is…

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Yoga and Rolfing®

Three or four years ago I got an invitation I couldn't refuse from Joan White, who teaches yoga all over the world in the discipline of B.K.S. Iyengar.  She and I taught a weekend event…

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What is Rolfing anyway?

When I get done with this post, I am hoping that you will know some. I am not holding out a lot of hope, though, as one person recently said about my blog, "I don't…

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Find a Rolfer™

The teachers of the online blogging class that i am enrolled in had some suggestions (Shock) and one of the suggestions was that it might be interesting to know where to find a Rolfer and…

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The story of the Rolfing® logo

The trademarked "little boy logo" drawing (from is from the 1970's, and was drawn from a Polaroid photograph.  The photo of the little boy was taken immediately before and after Ida Rolf worked with…

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