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What is Rolfing anyway?

When I get done with this post, I am hoping that you will know some. I am not holding out a lot of hope, though, as one person recently said about my blog, "I don't…

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Find a Rolfer™

The teachers of the online blogging class that i am enrolled in had some suggestions (Shock) and one of the suggestions was that it might be interesting to know where to find a Rolfer and…

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Embodiment has been a jargon word in movement/function circles for awhile. The word makes me a little nervous, like, what happened here?  Did we have a certain "Revenge of the Body Snatchers?"  I mean, are…

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Get Those Shoulders Back!

Get those shoulders back! Every heart vibrates to that iron thrum of mother love. It may have been the single worst injunction that your mother ever gave you, but it lives on in your patterns…

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Rolfing® Wars in Wikipedia Lo, the battle rageth back and forth, now you see the Rolfing trademarks used in the wikipedia definition of Rolfing work.....and now you don't.  On-a-daily-basis.this.happens.  (Also--now you see the attempt to medicalize or quacksterize…

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The story of the Rolfing® logo

The trademarked "little boy logo" drawing (from is from the 1970's, and was drawn from a Polaroid photograph.  The photo of the little boy was taken immediately before and after Ida Rolf worked with…

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