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Old People Smell: Why?

Sitting downstairs in Pumpkin Market for lunch a couple days ago, I overheard 2 interns from the hospital down the street giving a really hard time to one of their supervisors.  The guy didn’t sound as bad as one I…
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Apologie to Françoise Mézières

I have been accustomed to talking about the “Big Three” of bodywork, and I’m gonna stop doing that, Francoise Mezieres deserves to be added to the pantheon. It is the “Big Four”.  Ida P. Rolf, Francoise Mezieres, F.M. Alexander, and…
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Running Shoes: how to pick them out

An article in the New York Times this weekend shows the pragmatic approach that I like to see when talking about running shoes. When trying on running shoes (or any other kind of shoes) first make sure that you…
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