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Tensional Integrity in our Bodies

Of all the weirdo ideas of the past century that turned out to be true, I believe Ida Rolf’s idea that the body is a “tensegrity” structure is probably the weirdest. She did love Buckminster Fuller. Think of it: a…
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Rolfing® definition: The Rule of 3

Gravity Center.0  (a spot 2 inches below the navel in the center between the hips) went into a bar with Gravity Center.1   (a spot in the center and 4 inches below the top of the chest) and Gravity Center.2  (a…
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Advanced Rolfing®Structural Integration

Let’s get this straight: every move a Rolfer™ makes advances a certain idea of structure. This idea is learned bit by bit, and with persistence, emerges as an integrative body/mind operating procedure that can be followed with individuals who present…
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