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Tensional Integrity in our Bodies

Of all the weirdo ideas of the past century that turned out to be true, I believe Ida Rolf’s idea that the body is a “tensegrity” structure is probably the weirdest. She did love Buckminster Fuller. Think of it: a…
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Thumb Fixing

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the thumb is part of the hand. Hooked onto the hand by a complicated little saddle joint and a fair amount of tissue, it is a hard worker at lunch…
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Advanced Rolfing®Structural Integration

Let’s get this straight: every move a Rolfer™ makes advances a certain idea of structure. This idea is learned bit by bit, and with persistence, emerges as an integrative body/mind operating procedure that can be followed with individuals who present…
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Reading Scientific American, This Gamer Rejoices

Research in games has gone far afield from the “corruption of young minds” and “dangerously addictive” talking points for the recent past.  Cognitive load, executive functions, and several types of memory must be engaged.  Motor skills! Attentional systems! These are…
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Rolfing® Structural Integration definition in 32 words

Rolfing Structural Integration: a method of body knolling to the core. Plus function.  No knolled desk, even one of Tom Sach’s, has ever been into walking with a cross-crawl motion —– that I know of, heh heh.   Bookmark…
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