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Could you Rolf a terrorist?

Maybe the title should be, “Would you”!
I can only imagine the problems a terrorist might bring to my office:
“I need to be able to use my core better so that I can carry more explosives.”
“I need to be able to run 25 miles carrying an 11kilo rocket grenade launcher.”

“In my last terrorist video I noticed my head was sticking out like a turtle.”

Not likely.  It would be nice to modulate the “fight or flight” response so that it wasn’t constantly up into that territory;  have more ease in the structure/function of the body/mind, but who needs that if you are a terrorist.

Probably not going to happen, that  kind of thinking of possibility for change .

Right now in Philly, I’m looking for militant locavores.  (Just kidding, folks.)


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  1. I took a prominent politician through the ten series once (actually, it was more like thirteen sessions). He wanted to look and function more effectively so that he have a tilt at leadership.

    I must admit, I didn’t like what I had seen of him in the media or the party he was in, but set my biases aside as I would with anyone seeking my services. Initially, he confirmed all my suspicions about him. By about the end of session three I thought “this guy is an arse, I don’t like how he thinks about the world and I don’t know if this is going to work.”

    Somewhere, in the 6 sessions it took to get him from a 4th hour to the end of the 7th hour, he changed. He found his “core”. I mean as a human being as much as anything physiological.

    The interesting thing was, after that time he decided all his political peers (on both sides of the house) were corrupt and he resigned from parliament in a very public way, announcing his disillusionment with the public political system and process as practised in my state. He tells me he wants to devote his future public efforts to something real that benefits society.

    Bear in mind, I’ve always had a problem with the psycho-emotional component of this work and always tend to think of it in terms of measurable, physical, in-the-body outcomes. So I found his change really interesting, as it was not something I intended as a result or could have forseen. I was not aiming for or expecting such a response.

    Now, if you could get the same results with a terrorist….

  2. Colin, Colin, we are working on being less violent over on this side of the pond, even if the news is telling a different story.

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