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Diva Renee Fleming shrinks: the rest of the story

The mind of Renee Fleming –as I wrote in the last post– seemingly played a large part in her shrinking that I observed, and my post was a little dangerous in that You may have thought that I thought that I could read her mind. Truth is, I suck at mindreading.

A link to a story of Benjamin Matvey’s at the end of this post will illuminate some possible dangers of thinking that one can read anyone’s mind.

When I wrote the Renee Fleming blog, I was under the influence of emotion (should be penalty points on the observer’s license for that) and I used the emotion card on what I saw. My emotion was, “I hate to see someone in a situation like that!” That is a sort of umbrella for what clients bring in. The situation could be pain of all kinds, hurt, grief, sadness, whatever.
Certainly Renee Fleming showed nothing of any of that (to me) on stage at the Academy of Music last Saturday night.

There were 2 other factors that I totally left out under the influence: 1). the physical limitations of her surroundings besides the teeny singer next to her. And, 2). the physical limitations of her structure.

1). I was told that she was walking around while she was singing at the rehearsal that morning seemingly looking for a sweeter resonant spot, which is tough to find anytime at the Academy, but it was especially tough under the circumstances. The orchestra was placed in a deadly (for the Academy) spot behind the proscenium (to achieve the showmanship of the curtain) and she was moving forward looking for a place where she could hear herself like she wanted to hear herself. This meant that she lost connection with the conductor, who was having a bit of a stuggle, and the orchestra; so she would move back and forth. Also a part of 1). was the problem that the words to “Sounds of Silence” were on a viewer ON THE FLOOR AT HER FEET so of course she had to hunch over to see them.

2). There is a certain shortening that is going on for her, a structural shortening in the spine and around the attachments to the back of the diaphragm and the hip flexors that was there no matter the circumstances, just there. When she shortened she shortened into her pattern, people always do shorten into their patterns. This is the bread and butter of Rolfing® SI, the getting of effective length in the structure and movement of the body so that goals (dare we say dreams of long notes or whatever) can be achieved.

Ida Rolf was the first that I know of to really articulate the relationship of the top, (the upper body), and the bottom, (the lower body) so that the two could work together.
The benefit?
Length, line, balance, freedom from pain.

If that sounds good to you, call me up, please. I have 30 years of helping people and am not usually as snarky in person as I am in print. You might even be entertained as well as enlightened body/mind wise.

My contact information is on the front page of this blog.

And now, the promised weird Matvey story. I believe you won’t ever think you know what someone is thinking, ever again.

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