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Do you have to *believe* in Rolfing® for it to work?

Some folks just can’t help asking this question, maybe because their friend who referred them had that starry-eyed look of the true believer.

The answer:  Nope.   (Notice, no link of  choir singing, “Amazing (Linda) Grace” either.)

What you have to bring to the Rolfing work is yourself,  your ability to be in the moment and do some work.  You may have to leave behind some set-in-stone opinions like, “I’m just getting old, nothing to be done.”

Observation and Rolfing will reveal whether your structure/function can improve and help you to further your goals.  Sometimes an attitudinal adjustment is as simple as finally being able to stand up straight.

It does help to be a bit of a risk taker, because no one is going to scientifically validate this complex process for a while.  Also, you can’t know what you don’t know, which is how it will turn out for you.  Our evidence over some 60 years now says that most people get more grounding and lift, more front-to-back agreement, more axial and appendicular skeleton agreement, blah blah.

The most important thing that will help you to successfully have this adventure of structure/function is the ability to take that step away from the norm of thinking, being, and perceiving which you are in now.

The step doesn’t have to be on the moon, “where no man has gone before”.  It is a little risk, a little outside of what you will probably read about in Reader’s Digest.

That step is more like the ones the people took in this following video, which was brought to my attention by Bill at


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