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Fix your own dang Fingertip Cracks: a Rolfer’s common sense solution

I haven’t seen this fix anywhere else. It works, and it works even if you wash your hands all day throughout the day, as we all do, especially in the winter time.

Here’s what you need:  An open fingertip crack (or maybe a hurty hangnail), a bottle of 3% peroxide, and a Liquid Bandage bottle or New Skin bottle. There are other brands, too, but I like these.

The 3% peroxide can come from the same store that sells the New Skin or Liquid Bandage.

The fix:

Wash hands with soap, rinse and dry. Pour 3% peroxide directly onto the open crack. Watch the peroxide bubble up, and feel the sting. (That sting is working on the wound.) Then, rinse off the peroxide remnants, dry the fingertip by waving it around or blotting with paper towel or tissue. Then apply the Liquid Bandage or New Skin to the crack.  Let it dry.

I peel the stuff off and re-treat it every day. Within a couple or 3 days, the crack will be GONE, and you will have been able to wash your hands freely during the time the Liquid Bandage or New Skin was on the crack.

Try that with a regular bandaid! You can’t wash your hands.

I concocted this idea from a couple of sources. The first source was the emergency room doctor who poured 3% peroxide, a few bottles of it a little at a time, over the wound I had in my head from falling 7 feet and landing on the back of my head. Took out the rusty iron chips and other debris nicely, and 47 stitches later I was on the road to recovery.

The other source was a dental assistant who told me how to fix a tender problem spot on my gums which was between 2 teeth so that i couldn’t really swish the peroxide around in my mouth and get the spot.  She said, “Get a hypodermic needle, like the diabetics use, fill it with 3% peroxide and squirt that between the teeth. Do not dig into the gum with the needle! The needle only targets the spot.” This got rid of the tender spot over a few days, and the dentist no longer threatened to do an operation for the tender spot.

Looking around the internet you may find other uses for peroxide and the Liquid Bandage or New Skin. There are lots there. I am kind of enamored by the idea of fixing skin tags with the Liquid Bandage or New Skin, but unfortunately I don’t have any of these at present; so I can’t test it out.

If anyone reading this has another good use for these two ingredients to fix things, I’d love to hear about it.

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  1. I use crazy glue. Once it dries it will have a rough edge which needs to be filed down smooth. But then it holds up to hand washing for the several days the wound needs to heal. I’ve found 10,000 milligrams or so of vitamin C per day will kerp the cracks from forming in the first place. Even in Alaska where the winters are really dry. I’m certain this works because I’ll get lax once in a while and here come the cracks every time. Then back on the vitamin C and crazy glue and they stay away.

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