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Get Those Shoulders Back!

Get those shoulders back! Every heart vibrates to that iron thrum of mother love. It may have been the single worst injunction that your mother ever gave you, but it lives on in your patterns of structure.  Maybe living on also:  all those other cultural injunctions–Be sure to shoulder the load; Be sure to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders!

It would be so much simpler if the human shoulder were a weight bearing joint, which it is not. It is way simpler for the horse. When I have worked with horses, they just let go of their shoulder stuff. They will even take the weight off the leg that we work with.

For us it is different.  It would be nice to have those shoulders released and balanced out with the body; in the meantime there are strategies for allowing the shoulders to be supported by the torso/body  so that the shoulders and arms can just hang from the body and not impinge upon it.

For starters, try sitting upright on a chair which is the right height for you, meaning that your hips are a little above the knees, feet on the floor.
Allow your collarbones to float up, and look softly straight out at the imagined horizon.  Let your arms hang straight done, parallel to your body, then place your hands palm up in your lap. Find an appropriate strength ratio in your body by imagining that you are a water balloon and your skin is the balloon, the rest of you is water.

Slosh around a little, but don’t slump. If you do, let your feet push down through the floor and push up your collarbones, then relax the feet. Hang out for a bit, maybe meditate.

The body responds a lot better to images than to injunctions.
Maybe you have a better way to allow your shoulders and arms to be related to your body with ease. Go a little wild on this….
Mom is not watching, nor are the Rolf Police.

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  1. I tell clients is to get rid of the arms of their computer chairs. Or move them out of the way so you don’t use them while you type.

    Have the monitor right at eye level so you don’t look down at it. Keeps the scalenes more free.

    And get a real adult-size detachable keyboard if you’re using a laptop. Those are for kids and small animals. God knows how Garrison Keillor uses his without screwing up his shoulders.

  2. I really like your posts so far, and I’m not especially interested in rolfing! Just the right length. The points are clear. Your style is humorous, informative, permissive – the writer (you) seems good-natured, smart, just the right degree of clever and witty, entertaining. A good read. I think you’re a great writer! Well done!

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