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Getting “hot”. or–Cold weather spawns Hot Springs thoughts

Well, this topic is not what you may have thought it at first glance.  We are not going to sit around congratulating ourselves about how “hot” we are (a recent topic of conversation I overheard in a coffee shop).  Personally I didn’t think those folks were all that “hot”, but maybe it is just me; to me they had more decor than health.

When I want to get hot during cold weather, I begin to almost hallucinate over hot springs I have known.  One of my all-time favorites is the Ojo Caliente Hot Spring in New Mexico, about 40 miles or so above Santa Fe.

I have been there in the summertime, but winter is my favorite.

Picture this, it is so cold outside—and you are outside—that a thin crust of ice is forming on the paths between the pools.  You don’t care, you are immersed to the neck in a mineral pool which is constantly flowing hot water.  You can adjust the temperature by going closer or farther away from the inflow.  The inflow can run right on your head if you want.

There is a cliff right next to the pool, and it seems little animals have made their homes in it at some time in the past because there are all kinds of interesting little holes and bigger holes in the cliff.  Maybe you will see a horned toad, but probably not as it is February and no horned toad is stupid enough to stick their nose out into February.

Then, putting on your flipflops and treading lightly using your ice walking skills, you pad to the next pool.  It has a gravel bottom and the iron with arsenic water bubbles up between your toes.

The next pool could algae-fy really easily as it is bicarbonate of soda; so it has a roof.  You lie back, float and luxuriate.  Your skin starts to feel like it has been sueded, amazingly soft.

There are a couple more pools, and a sauna.  Usually I just skip right to the restaurant which is really really good food in the Tex-Mex vein, although a little oxymoronishly healthy.

An email newsletter just came out, featuring these recipes, which reading almost provides a trip to the spa itself.  After soaking up the green chile fries recipe, you can click to the rest of the spa cyber site.

Herein the link:  enjoy your winter cyber trip

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  1. After reading this post, it has brought me back to my experience in the hot springs of CO while at Rolfing school, and OMG yes!! The warm soft water bubbling between my toes!! Thank you for the re-experience :)))))))

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