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I’m thankful

Sitting around the table yesterday with my dear immediate family, I realized that
I am also grateful to you, dear readers.

In spite of the highly personal nature of this website, subscribers have continued to grow. Some Russian and Polish feeders have resulted in even those foreign language subscribers. This is amazing to me, as I have not stinted on the slang here, often a drawback for foreign readers. I have also not stinted on my personal take on the politics of Rolfing® structural integration, and I have also not stinted on my ideas of the methods and processes of structural and movement integration, which can also be political.

A note to you dear readers about the personal nature of my politics: I have observed (through several decades) people trying to advance their ideas on structural integration, including me.

I am not on the elected board of directors of the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration.

I do not teach structural integration, either the trademarked version “Rolfing® structural integration” or the generic version, “structural integration”.

I am currently a certified member of the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration, (RISI) unless someone tries to shut me down because of the personal viewpoints of this blog.

In the United States, we have free speech, a much valued commodity. I know several people who work in the preservation of the rights guaranteed to all by the First Amendment to the Constitution. They are very active. I am thankful for these people.

I also have connections for this work. If some of you would like to learn from the source, I will try to work out a teacher for you. I know that in some cases, there is no Rolfer™ or structural integrator in your country, or maybe even your state. In many cases, there is, and obtaining for yourself the “standard basic 10 series” goals is the first step of training to be a Rolfer™.

Enrollment at RISI has grown over 400% recently, and there is still room for more, over the world and the United States. Japan, for instance, has grown in the number of Rolfers™ from 2 Americans who were incidentally working while they studied aikido, to over 80 Rolfers™ who are enjoying the fruits of their training by doing good work and being self-employed, creating their own destinies.

So, I’m thankful for all who have presented themselves to RISI to learn to do this work, all who have showed up in my office over the years to obtain Rolfing® structural integration and Rolf Movement® integration,
and all of you who are now reading this blog, with over 12,000 page views so far.

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  1. In the next ( December 2010) issue of the Journal, there is an article on the Japanese Rolfing Association, which now ( as of June 2010) lists 82 Rolfers there!

  2. Thanks for pointing this out, Robert. I was way behind the times. The second year I worked at a Japanese music festival, 9 years ago, I invited every Rolfer™ in Japan to come to Chiba prefecture and visit me. There were about 14 then that I sent out invitations to, in Japanese, thanks to my daughter-in-law, a Japanese phsyician living in the U.S.
    Three came, and we had a good time trying to bridge the language gap in our enthusiasm.
    I’m thrilled that Rolfing® si has grown so in Japan; I’m sure many need the work that Rolfing provides with the stresses of the economy there.
    I’m changing the text of the blog to reflect your information.

  3. I’m thankful that it was you that brought me into this world, Linda, and for our friendship over all these years.

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