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Linda presents at the Rolf Institute Membership Conference: what will happen with whom and how.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should mention that the last time I was involved in a presentation or improvisation of a John Cage composition, several people in the audience got up and ran out just before a weather balloon burst with agonizing slowness in the anticipation.

Be that as it may, I’m gonna go again with a John Cage piece and here’s how my October presentation for the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration Membership Conference is billed:
Linda Grace
Jazzing it up: Basic Principles for Improvising Rolf Movement® Work within the Rolfing SI session
The basis for improv will be drawn from standard taxons and Rolf Movement work from the past 40 years. Linda will reveal Principles of Rolf Movement improv not only for the basic or advanced client session, but for special populations such as Yogistas, Musicians, and Lawyers.

Most of us know that improvisation has certain limits, such as an improvisation on the tune Basin Street Blues will probably be in a certain key and follow certain melodic limits. Sometimes instruments will be used outside of the standard ones, but mostly they will be New Orleans street band. Tunes and playing around with them will follow certain tropes, and when they go too far afield they will be much admired by fewer and fewer.

On October 28th in Boulder CO for an hour and a bit we will have improvisational skill development in making this presentation of elements that may be used in a Rolfing session. This could even be fun. The subject matter will not go far afield of standard usage, though I do think (ahem!) that some of my midrash on the elements will be of interest for their clarity of presentation and easy learning of basics of “posture” and of structure/function.

I’m hoping that the running out of the audience will not happen. (Oh please please 🙂 )

Here’s how the presentation MAY pan out:
10 subjects (elements of movement education) will be chosen to have random presentation. The 10 subjects will be presented in an iteration of John Cage’s “Let’s Get Started” composition; the audience, which will consist of Rolfers, will be a part of the composition, if they care to, in a manner which will explicate the subject matter in a spirit of seeming randomness and improvisation, which will prove to be useful.

How do I know this spirit of seeming randomness will prove to be useful? Because of the choice of material of each of the 10 segments of the composition. Each segment covers at least 4 of the standard taxons. Thusly, the big secret is that
there almost has to be a really good chance of appropriateness of subject to the client’s needs. And…carryover from one segment to another, reinforcement in an interesting emotional tone.

Heady unrelated short chain or long chain exercises are anathema for real life learning of movement projections, and no carryover into real life is just an activity. This presentation will take advantage of the needs of integration.

Not to go on and on about this, but to give an idea of the improvisational nature that will happen I encourage going to the site and checking out the talk around the John Cage piece.
Here is the link to the page at the Slought Foundation in which the participants of the installation of “Let’s Get Started” discuss the piece and the installation at the Foundation of a space to provide a home for the piece.

The Slought Foundation went to great lengths to build a stunning venue for this piece. The Boulderado Hotel will be unaltered for the piece, but we are gonna make it work.

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