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Lookin’ Good: Posture in “Science Daily”

Many have thought that this world’s random bodies need an organizing principle, and many have stepped forward to tell what that might be, including Ida Pauline Rolf, Ph.D.

When Ida Rolf wanted to say that standing up straight in the world was a good thing, she reached back to her scientific training. She blamed lack of organization of random bodies that she saw all around her on something else that she knew was all around her: maladaptation to gravity.

Even though what she could get her hands on was working with the structural alignment of the body so that parts weren’t cantilevered out over the abyss, she also was busy at work on changing the habitual ways of thinking about the body for her students. Even her concept of changing the body had to be fought out before students could begin to learn.

Her work with outstanding misconceptions was hardly over when she died in 1979, though it is becoming better known. One area that she delved into was her idea that energetic systems of the body could work better if the body did not randomly engage with the forces around it, including gravity.  Posture, presentation, structure, and energy could be better availed if the person was structurally integrated.

Certainly presence and power of the integrated body have been used in the public eye. Some are anointed, some have done Rolfing work.

However we get it, posture and structure and energy have always had a good part in the immediate effect which we have on our audience, those around us. Ronald Reagan’s coach Roger Ailes even went so far as to say that people make up their mind about us in 7 seconds, with no proof except that he said so. (And now he rules America through Fox News.)

So, could we also believe that if we have better posture we will have less pain?  That if we have better posture we will be physically stronger?

This Science Daily article shows results of a small study:

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