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Lyme Disease and Rolfing® Structural and Movement Integration

Lyme disease, a nasty outgrowth of a nasty bacteria family, has several treatments, including antibiotics and natural remedies.  It is an emerging disease as quantified  at the Centers for Disease Control in the United States, and is spreading all over the world.

Rolfing Structural and Movement Integration is NOT a treatment for Lyme disease.

However, when people choose to use this work as a therapy to get them moving again after they have been treated for Lyme disease by the means they choose, Rolfing SI is very effective.

My first client with Lyme disease aftereffects came to me in 1986, shortly after I was certified, and shortly after the disease was identified.  A Navy Commander, he had been stationed close to Old Lyme, Connecticut when he began to have a number of symptoms.

Now, the diagnosis of Lyme disease is not that easy, and back then diagnosis was a nightmare. At first it was mistaken for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, when it seemed that only children got it. Then it was realized that adults also were getting the disease, and  after 2 years of false “other” diagnoses he finally received antibiotics for the bacterial infection now called Lyme disease. He had probably been infected by tick bites during and after the woodsy hiking which he loved.

This 2 year span allowed the disease to flourish, and he was left with a lot of aches and pains that prevented him from doing the physical test which was given every 2 years to make sure that a person could do their duties in the Navy.  The physical test included running or swimming a certain distance within a certain period of time, and the Commander couldn’t do the swimming test within the given time.  The running test was out of the question, too much pain.

When he arrived in my office, the Commander was faced with needing to pass the physical test within 6 months, and he was hoping to have Rolfing SI help him do that.

I had an idea from meeting him that he had a good basis of health, he seemed determined, and that was enough for me to take him on with his goals of staying in his beloved Navy.

We prevailed on his goals together, and he was soon transferred to another Lyme disease hot spot: Virginia.  When he began to have symptoms again, he was told that he couldn’t get Lyme disease twice, but he prevailed there, received treatment, and called me for a referral to a Rolfer™ in his area.

Once again, he was able to pass his physical test.  (Epilogue: not long ago, he moved back to the Philadelphia area after retirement, and brought his daughter in for some issues she was having, not related to Lyme disease.)

Here from the Centers for Disease Control, some symptoms.  Even if you don’t have the classic “bulls-eye”rash, you could still have the infection.

Here is an alternative/complementary health site run by a naturopathic doctor who had personal experience with the disease, and has developed some ways of supporting the body in treatment and afterwards.

Even this N.D. is saying, “do the antibiotics” and I’m saying that, too.  Don’t wait to get diagnosed and treated!   Joints can get totally destroyed with this disease.

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  1. My website is in dire need so dont go there. Thanks for the heads up, I am in Virginia and have 2 clients with potential lime disease., SI seems to be helping them cope with the disease. Thanks

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