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Plantar fasciitis and Necrotizing fasciosis

At last, a new post, wherein I reveal that a near-pathological attention to the details and how they fit into the overall structure and movement of the body and a certain preoccupation with death leads me to fall with glad cries on the link below.

Don’t get me wrong, I also have a certain-pathological attention to details of chocolate and cheese and coffee.

But back to the feet. The anecdotal accounts of how Ida Rolf began to work with structure always include that her first principled thoughts were about the feet, the place where the rubber meets the road of gravity. Her yoga background led her there, as well as her sense of “as below, so above”, the story goes. (Some quarters of so-called “structural integration” trainings would have you believe that Ida channeled her ways of working with the body. Not so as explained by Ida’s sons or with me, or at RISI, please note.)

The feet, with their 3 arches, the medial one we all know, plus the lateral and the transverse, are a breathing moving interface with the shoes. Nasty meany shoes = nasty meany feet.

In the first Youtube video below, you can hear Dr.Ray McClanahan, DPM, talk about the research done in Philadelphia by Dr.Harvey Lamont, DPM. In the second video, we can hear McClanahan  talk about a stretch for hammertoes.

When stretching, using the sarcomere slide techniqueI explained in the “Fix Your Own Darn Bunion” post and video.

As an aside, if you use foam roller on your foot, top or bottom, use it at your peril, you could really aggravate bursas there and really regret that.

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  1. Right on point about shoes. I made the mistake of running in a pair of broken-down old tennies and paid the price for about 3 months. Plantar fasciitis is no joke!

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