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Rolfer™ “Gamer Granny” takes on Carpal Tunnel

Yikes! Severe neglect of this blog recently! I have been so mesmerized by the new World of Warcraft “Cataclysm” release
that although I still play my usual 2 to 3 hours in the evening, some of the visuals
have haunted me.
(By the way, I gave up TV for World of Warcraft and highly recommend that move.)

Many people who arrive in my office with hand, arm, shoulder, and neck troubles
tell work stories of computer use that they believe is implicated in their problems.

It is ok to be able to work more on the computer, I guess—- and I am a lot more interested in supporting peeps in their bad habits, the gamer granny side of their lives.

After all, if I want to serve the greater good, over 20 million peeps worldwide are
playing World of Warcraft. (Check out the Zuluhed Realm for a good time!)

Whatever, lol. Or—it’s all good. (Just can’t resist that gamer talk.)

In any case, you need to set up your field of choice as best you can, and sit up!

Sitting: hips above knees; feet on floor.
Arms hanging straight down at sides, bring up hands without reaching out and put your keyboard/gamecontroller there. Right angle elbows. Rest arms/hands.
Monitor at eye level, and let screen come to you visually, don’t stick your head out to get to it.

I once did an office consultation with someone who worked on the computer a lot, and when I told him his desk was too high, he went down to the basement, got a hacksaw, and sawed off the legs of the desk. Let that be your guide. If it is an
antique, put it in the corner and get something that is adjustable.

Now for the most important part: You are not swinging a real sword/polearm/fishing pole or even an old fashioned typewriter. Lighten up. Do not use too much “bound strength”. Experiment with just enough pressure and strength by starting with too little. Move up, in increments, until it is just right.

As always, go back to early levels of the game, don’t choose the most difficult when you are trying to replace a bad habit with a good habit.

And now for a granny violating all the structure/function rules with a handheld controller:
I hope she rezzes into a better world, I hate these first person shooter type

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