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Rolfer™: NOT an embalmer!

The next person who says, “Now How Can I Keep This” is gonna get it. Full voice and energy.  No whimpering, even though this happens often enough that I would like to whimper.  Here’s what I will say:  “Rolfing Structural and Movement Integration is not embalming fluid!!”.

This “how can I keep this” is just so wrong.  Here I have been busting myself, bringing out all the tricks in my Great and Mighty Instaurator’s Kit, fully certified, mind you, and suddenly We want to be flash frozen.

It is not as though I haven’t been giving helpful tips: neuro/myo/fascial bundle cells are constantly rebuilding, I am changing the position and ways in which they will rebuild and you are learning new movement and ways of thinking about patterns that will help them rebuild in better patterns.

This goes on for awhile, maybe 7 or 8 sessions, maybe one or 10 and then BANG “How can I keep this” raises its ugly UGLY head. Puhleez.

This Misprision of Process is so tiresome.

Deep breath.  Now, let us look at some other issues around the process of becoming more grounded and lifted and having structure/function be useful to us in a profound way.

This involves transitional objects so to speak, a taking of the patterns of use into our useful world.

Recently one of my misprision offenders received a possible assignment for carrying out some of the complainant practices into a better habit.

She seemingly thought it was out of my province, the assignment to a possible transition of a better habit into her real world. (Of speaking, acting.)

Well, I gotta tell you, this Rolfer who had the nerve to tell a reigning NFL quarterback how to throw the ball so it didn’t go into the ground 10 feet in front of him is not gonna flinch at any assignment coaching.  (That actually worked for a few months, BTW.)

We’ll see if Ms. Misprision does her assignment, and gets her money’s worth out of one of her desires, which is to be able to have her jaw function better outside of the my Rolfing SI studio.

In the meantime, if this topic of speaking interests you, this Craig Valentine is a really really good coach, and I love his videos.  In this one, he has a teaching point that all who don’t want to be droning and boring could use.  Of course, his coachee Martin Roth, who is one brave guy, has some nerve to be filmed like this with the master, and I am impressed by his willingness.

Also of course, Martin could use a 10 series, get his head back over his body, be able to breathe better since his breathing could use NOT being stuck in exhale.  His expression is tied to his structure/function problems, and he would be able to use this high-priced Craig Valentine coaching better if that structure/function were engaged.

Not much wrong here with Craig Valentine…except he could use better core top to bottom balance.  Don’t think I’ll send him an email, but if he shows up in my office he is fair game, lol.


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  1. Linda–as one of the prime offenders of the “how can I keep this” line, I appreciate your willingness to keep repeating the same information so that eventually I’m getting it. I was watching people walking in Rittenhouse Square yesterday at lunch, and I could see how frozen their bodies were for the most part. I realized that I have the ability to nurture and encourage the shifts in my structure because my basic structure is so much freer now. That’s thanks to working with you. –Janet

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