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Rolfing® Structural Integration definition in 206 words

We are lucky that Ida P. Rolf’s family name was not Larson, or we would be Larsoning away in this work which frees and organizes movement patterns and manually changes connective tissue, nerves, and muscles toward a more balanced and aligned human being. Dr. Rolf liked the name of Structural Integration for this work, meaning that all the parts work together without impinging upon each other. She also might have chosen structural coordination as a name, since coordination is implied in the word integration, but she didn’t, thus going with the deeper meaning.

The work’s benefits have been reported individually and anecdotally over the 70 years since Ida Rolf began to work. These benefits have included diverse personal benefits
such as better posture, presentation, performance, relief from joint pain, relief from general aches and pains, stabilizing of the body nervous system, and generalized transformational events and circumstances.

It is not surprising that people who present themselves for the Rolfing process often report major life changing shifts and turns within themselves and within their circumstances, because often people who are attracted to Rolfing Structural Integration are people who are at major turning points in their lives. This major pivotal point tension can provide a rich context for the work.

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