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Rolfing®Structural Integration and addiction

Let me be clear, I am not talking about clients becoming addicted to Rolfing SI!!

I’m talking about the illegal and the legal substances that can mess up our systems.  These substances go to our brain and create dependency there like way worse than habit.  Often the addiction gets a foothold when things are way cool, and a trusted friend has offered us a ride in his nice car with goodies during the ride.

Or maybe even your mother or father left something laying around and you tried it out.

Back in the ’80’s, when there were go-go dancers, I had 2 of them in my practice who were cocaine and heroin users. They came because a client sent her daughter with a bad back to me, and the daughter told her friends about me, which is the usual method of getting here.  The daughter was together with a guy who raised snakes and played in a heavy metal blue grass band.

I realized that when the dancers would come back for tuneups after their original 10, that they were coming back as they were coming down from a cocaine or heroin escapade that had lasted maybe weeks or months.  They were pretty open about it, as clients usually are.  I asked questions about this with a friend who was a New York Rolfer™ and way more sophisticated about this stuff than I was.

He said, “The Rolfing SI helps them to come down from the detoxification.”

We have no scientific evidence for that.

I do know that the dancers followed the go-go work to Florida, where one of them made it to freedom from her addiction and one of them didn’t.  The alive one called me and told me of “Barbara’s” death from an overdose, just at the end of a long period of stability and freedom from cocaine.  We cried a little on the phone. “Barbara” was a great person, alive, classy, and creative, like Amy Winehouse without the fame.

Even if we can predict the future for most addicts, it is no fun, to say the least.




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