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Rolfing®Structural Integration: the Big Picture

It is not that often that I find myself hanging out with folks who have a real Picasso drawing hanging in their bathroom, but I can do it.

What first impressed me about these folks and their guests was that they assembled a party in support of an adult musician and his fiancee. Many love supporting the young cute musician and his school, you could so like be the discoverer of an artist before he is discovered by the world and the New York Times. That is easy, unknown. After the dust settles for a few years, that is harder. I was impressed.

Then I was impressed a second time about a half hour into the party when the Rolfing SI questions began. What!? No pain questions? Instead try this: “Everyone wants to have someone have better structure, how is yours different?”  (Emphasis on a different way of organizing, with functionality with good easy overall posture was the answer, in an “elevator” speech version.)

After some intelligent questions to flesh that answer out (haha) then an unusual question knocked me back a bit, but not to the point that I became a Wookie (“UUNNnHH”).

The question, “Is Rolfing SI international?” spoke to these not only cultured but accomplished business folks and how they could think of the Big Picture.

“Yes” came my answer. I couldn’t have said that when I first was certified, 1984.

I couldn’t say it when I needed a Rolfer™ in Japan, 16 years ago, and there were only 2 there, Americans who had come to study aikido. Germany and Brazil were dim versions of themselves as Rolfing SI nations then.  Some of what happened in those places was that one charismatic person came and trained in the United States, and then inspired growth in their countries. (Now up to 200 Rolfers in Japan, last I heard.)

The countries have since outgrown their founders, and have schools and stories which have taken on their own flavors. Of course, they believe their own flavor is better.

Sadly, one can find hardly any trace of the international growth of Rolfing SI on the flagship website, the mother ship website,

You could try Google for:  European Rolfing Association, Japanese Rolfing Association, Australian Rolfing Association, and Brazilian Rolfing Association. These groups elect representatives to the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and expect the RISI to police trademark issues, but can’t be bothered to lobby to have a presence on the RISI site, which is used by people all over the world, and the US RISI has its own excuses for its provinciality.

As for that one Rolfer in Croatia, etc. good luck on finding that one. The lack of a big picture is obscuring the little picture, big time.






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