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Should your mouth have the yellow crime scene tape?

We all know them—those people who should just put the yellow crime scene tape on their mouths. Practically every word out of their mouths is some pejorative statement about themselves or others.

Here’s how it goes: “I have always been so clumsy” or “I have always been really dumb about being able to feel what I have been doing”.

Or about one’s children: “He is lazy.” “She has no idea of herself.” In front of the children, mind you. (Just like when you say some crime against yourself, it is in front of you. Your body listens to that ^#*+.)

So, ripping the tape off, what is the alternative? Something real, yet acknowledging “areas” for growth. (I love this thought, “areas”, and am indebted to Alan Gilbert for it.)

An area, for instance, might be plumping up the ability to acknowledge what is working. Does my body work better (less pain, more liveliness, better performance) when I get more sleep? More adequate nutrition? Drink more alcohol or soda or less cigarettes? Fix my instruments of performance such as spatulas, counter height, keyboard height, violins etc.?

When it works better…that is a hard thing to know, especially since it may take some time for the body to register the change. A teacher once told me that where you are in your body right now in regard to nutrition is what you were doing 2 years ago, and I believe there is truth in that. However, we can know some things about nutrition that make us feel better within a day or two, or even shorter.

With workouts, the workout/performance guru Stephen Maxwell, whom I worked with for 10 years, once told me that the biggest problem with workouts is the person’s boredom. When the workout is working for you, suck it up and keep doing it. (No matter what you read in the popular press.)

Or whatever is working for you. If playing World of Warcraft and attending classical music concerts is what floats your boat for the meditative level, keep doing it.

If walking is great exercise and/or meditation for you, keep doing it. Don’t suddenly decide to get a stepper or crank your treadmill up into a ramp “so that you can get a better workout”. Don’t buy a bigger instrument because you want to make a bigger sound. Chances are, your body won’t care for the change. Buy an instrument which makes a bigger sound and fits your body.

It is too bad that most of us don’t personally have the police system which can take care of these flights of fancy which are disturbing to the body. I personally have my little dog Tito, who is telling me when I am doing something out of order. I like the old fashioned step of Step Aerobics, and I give it a good workout every day. If I should decide to do this, too early, (coming back from our  morning walk early), he gives me a baleful glare during the whole stepper thingy.

If I just don’t feel like walking, tough.

So, here’s the “area” for the day, should you choose to accept it. Figure out what works on a long and short term basis and keep doing that, past the point where you are really tired of that.

Your body will love you for that.


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