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This blog title is all wrong…

This blog title is all wrong…it leaves out the word “integration”, as in Rolfing Structural and Movement Integration.  As Robert Schleip has shown in his article on his website,, there is no such thing as a separate “structure’ and a separate “movement”.

Fascial plasticity – a new neurobiological explanation(fulltext version)  R.Schleip

We’ll see if this link can get you to this complex and fascinating website article which stands separatism on its duality-ridden ears, and gives new life to some of Ida Rolf’s old working ideas. It was written by Schleip for a certain level of knowledge of anatomy and physiology for the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.

When Rolf made her distinctions about working with human body, she had some ideas that have stood the test of time, one being, “put it in the right place and call for movement”.  If you can get through this article, you will learn the current thoughts about how the body can be changed in structure/movement, and why the “call for movement” is important to get past the idea of changing the connective tissue or fascia in a mechanical way.

Ida Rolf made her observations on rules of order which she perceived mostly without attribution to authorities.  It is great to have Robert Schleip around to bring his essay powers to the facts as they currently exist about Rolfing and work with changing the structure/movement.  Adding the word “integration” made it true for Ida Rolf, and now Schleip is speculating with evidence about how that happens.


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