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Study: Neck pain and range of motion improved by Rolfing® standard basic series

Helen James, a California Rolfer™ who has been mentioned in this blog before related to her work with ice skaters, has completed a study based on measurements she made with her clients.

She has been busy in her “retirement” from her university job in the physical therapy (PT) department in Fresno. Of course, she is continuing to work at Rolfing® SI.

In this study she availed herself of the quantitative methods of her PT background and training.

Most Rolfers are not PT’s, although there a few, notably one who is also on the Rolfing SI faculty, Tessy Brungardt in Maryland. We do have others who also just
“wanted something more effective”, as Tessy once told me.

PT’s do the same Rolfing SI training as other Rolfers, although they can have an accelerated pre-training course which covers skills not necessarily in PT work, such as educated touch for structural integration and ways to see the client not covered in the PT realm.

Rolfers are not averse to science, but most of us are a little irritated by the fact that changing structure and the outcome of that in an overall holistic sense is not all that measurable currently.

Here Helen has taken an issue which is really pesky to many clients: neck pain and range of motion, and measured outcomes for the neck as a segment of the standard basic 10 series, which goes to great lengths to balance the neck with the head and the rest of the body.

It is very cool that she has bothered to do this, and we are all indebted to her.
So: thanks Helen!

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