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Tensional Integrity in our Bodies

Of all the weirdo ideas of the past century that turned out to be true, I believe Ida Rolf’s idea that the body is a “tensegrity” structure is probably the weirdest. She did love Buckminster Fuller. Think of it: a…
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The Rolfer™ and Psychology

Before this afternoon, I could have sworn that psychoanalysis is dead. Freud’s essays charting the vast unscientific realm of his huge creativity remain, and his ideas permeate our culture, but mostly it seems we have wondered off into all kinds…
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Rolfing®”Recipes”: the basic goals

I have been in some intensely motivated times/places in my life. One that comes to mind was a week in Stratford, Ontario, Canada during the Vietnam War.  Outside, in the United States, students were rioting. In Stratford Ontario, we 40…
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