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Fitness in the New Year: what is best?

When John B. (Jack) Kelly, Jr. died early at age 57 in Philadelphia in March 1985, his body lay in the Philadelphia morgue unidentified for 2 days. Here’s how that happened. A member of a classy bricklaying family that included…
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Reading Scientific American, This Gamer Rejoices

Research in games has gone far afield from the “corruption of young minds” and “dangerously addictive” talking points for the recent past.  Cognitive load, executive functions, and several types of memory must be engaged.  Motor skills! Attentional systems! These are…
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Thanks Week: a testimonial

No name will be here on this testimonial. This testimonial arrived about 6 months after the person’s standard basic 10 series was completed. I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of this person since the basic 10, until this card arrived…
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