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Running Shoes: how to pick them out

An article in the New York Times this weekend shows the pragmatic approach that I like to see when talking about running shoes. When trying on running shoes (or any other kind of shoes) first make sure that you…
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Be Clutchless at Carnegie Hall

With any luck, Ruggiero Ricci will never hear me play the violin. I am strictly Suzuki mom, maybe book 3 in my heyday. However,  I have had the benefit of watching the development of 2 family violinists, and learning second…
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Brugh Joy and Ida Rolf: energy work

I just got back from a 4 day class on structural cranial work with Jim Asher, Ph.D., an advanced Rolfing teacher with the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, a structural cranial therapist with the Colorado Cranial Institute, and an early…
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Rolfer™: NOT a freakin’ medical intuitive

Last week a client called my little dog Tito Puente “a freakin’ medical intuitive”.  Tito had walked in the Rolfing room, where he is allowed if clients permit, and solicitously and unerringly with great concern once again licked the side…
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