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Taking action: energy to burn

It would be nice if I weren’t inspired by the aggravational hi-jinks of Pastor Jones to write this blog. Rather, what if we needed energy to uphold the Constitution and foster peaceful diversity?

Or maybe, energy to get a new job. Roger Ailes had this to say: Amp up your attitude.“When meeting someone for the first time, concentrate on one thing: your energy level,” Ailes says. “If you don’t demonstrate an energetic attitude on your first day, you’re already screwing up.”

Here’s a way to amp up your energetic attitude. We don’t have to find something outrageous to do to get ourselves worked up.

1. Stand up off the couch, face South if there is available room.

2. Step forward, then bring that foot back. When stepping forward, allow the collarbones to go forward too, a little like the prow of a ship moving throught the water. The rhythm is about 1 second forward, and one step back. Saying “one thousand” on the forward step and “two thousand” on the backward step will get you into the rhythm nicely.

3. After that is working well, (and let the feet change the forward one from time time if wanted) then add the arms to it. They will reach out on the step forward. Let the arms be extensive, the hands are energized to reaching toward something.

4. Do this for 15 minutes or so, stop and see how you feel.

I first saw this exercise in a gymnasium in Boulder where the Ki Aikido class was doing it all together, some 50 folks. That place was buzzing.

5. Now that we are energized, let’s all pile on any means of transportation we can find and go down to Gainesville on 9/11 and throw a teacup full of water on Reverend Jone’s fire.

Update: 9/9/10  7pm….The Reverend Jones has had a sign from God and called off the burning.

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  1. Last Thursday, on the last conference call of my blogging class, I was told that this post got everyone all amped up and then there was no action to be taken.
    Let me be perfectly clear: I was all set to rally anyone that I could and go down and throw a teacup of water on the pile of burning Qurans. I figured that Reverend Jones
    would be too cheap to buy too many of them, and if I could get a few friends to pile in a van and go down there, we could really make a statement.
    I personally thought it was a Ghandi-an action.
    Not to be too presumptuous, lol.
    It was *almost* very disappointing to me when Rev. Jones called it off.

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