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Hi Linda,

It’s been a long time. Just a quick catch up….. I travel the world teaching fitness, Jiujitsu and anti-aging seminars all over the world.

I no longer have a home, but live a nomadic minimalist lifestyle. Right now I’m on a Greek island in Aegean Sea.

I’d like to thank you for all of the great body work and care you administered to me when I lived in Philadelphia. You basically saved my life more than once. Training and competing in a combat martial art like Jiujitsu certainly wasn’t the healthiest thing for my body. But thanks to you, I dodged a lot of bullets and at 61, I’m in great physical condition and still going hard at it. Well maybe not quite as hard. 🙂

I am really glad to see your still working and helping others. I’ve been receiving a lot of media attention lately and I always mention Rolfing as being instrumental in my training and conditioning. Now that I know you’re still working, I’ll start mentioning you by name. 

Thanks again for all you do. I’ve tried many body workers all over the place and none can come close to you.

All of my best,

Steve Maxwell

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