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Thanks Week: a testimonial

No name will be here on this testimonial.

This testimonial arrived about 6 months after the person’s standard basic 10 series was completed. I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of this person since the basic 10, until this card arrived from out of the blue, snail mail, no less.

“Dear Linda,
Do your ears burn around 2 pm every day? When I jump in the pool and fiercely kick those legs which for years
did the dead man’s float, I say, “Thank God for Linda Grace.”
My body feels much more like a unit—one I don’t half mind carting around.
Hope you are thriving.
Wishing you a warm holiday with many blessings,

I happen to have talent for doing this work and am very grateful to be living in a time in which this work exists.

Just think, to be born as Mickey Mantle in 1832 where the social construct didn’t exist for baseball.
What if Bill Gates had been born 10 years earlier and the 13 year old Bill didn’t have that school computer to program?
(Alrighty, enough already with comparing myself to celebrities.)

Of course, the reverse can happen as in today’s world, where the social construct has moved past many old movies that just don’t have the people that have the listening any more for them. Is the same thing happening to symphonic music?

There is a listening in the world now for Rolfing SI. Outliers are tuning into their bodies and learning
how to be structurally integrated. 1800 Rolfers are out there to meet them, many of them past the 10,000 hour goal for mastery of their subject. It is an optimum time for receiving the work and tuning into the body.

You just about have to be an outlier to show up for this work. You have to be able to get past the old
pain stories and the idea that you are just getting older and nothing can be done.

Fortunately, I like outliers. That person that sent me a snail mail card is a definite outlier, and one I truly appreciate.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my subscribers. I truly appreciate you, too.

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