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The 3rd Eye

There is a deep place within us that observes without judgement, lack, satiation, desire, worry, fear of death, frenzy, need of attainment, all or any attribute(s). That deep place has been given various names throughout history when
encountered by humans. Those humans who encounter this deep place and perhaps teach it have been given various names.

I’m gonna skip right over those names, in the name of not activating various
belief systems, and skip right into one of the gateways to the deep place, the 3rd Eye.

For scientific fact around its first recorded encounters, we have nothing.

For scientific fact lately, we have nothing.

This weekend I and 20 or so others have just spent 10 hours intensely studying the Bhagavad Gita line by line with Edwin Bryant. ( The 3rd Eye was not mentioned, though the deep place was, and many were there who knew the Sanscrit of the Gita, and most owned a copy of the book. (Neither was me.)

A little personal historical note: When I first encountered the use of what I came to know as the 3rd Eye, the aspect of the Rolfer™ using it seemed all knowing. I wanted to know what he saw. Because the 3rd Eye use is not taught overtly at the Rolf Institute®of Structural Integration, I had to pick up as best I could by kinesiological copying.

I surmise that when Rolfing SI began, back in the ’40’s, Ida Rolf could not rely on much interior scanning which we have today, such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, although X-Rays did exist. She had to go on surface anatomy, and what she knew of the interior of a human body, which was considerable.

Rolfers™ still intensely study anatomy, taking dissection course and courses which layer the parts of the body onto armatures of bone, and comparing anatomy books. I personally like reading the reports of medical practitioners when my clients bring them to me, and I must go on what I perceive as well.

Great artists through the ages have been able to imply what is underneath by
the surface of their art work.

Ida Rolf was fabled for knowing where to work even after she was mostly blind.
The famous quote–delivered by her from across the room—goes something like this: You will find where to work under your third finger of your right hand!

Other Rolfers have picked this up from her and from other Rolfers. I did that, and then I had it codified for me by taking a course from Tom Shaver, a famous Esoteric teacher.

One must look in one of the old meditative ways with slightly crossed eyes not at the tip of the nose, but slightly up between the eyebrows. To use this place when working, work with two hands and form a focused point with the outcome of the perception of the point between the eyes. I consider that point could be considered to be “the third finger of the right hand” point.

To use this point in perception and in working, I still rely on an old way to take away desire for outcome and get to the deep place: I use the Lord’s Prayer, and I pay particular attention to the line, “Thy will (not mine) be done.” (Okay, I had to use one of those various names from history that I avoided in the early part of this blog.)

There will be a hypnotic narrowing of focus, and there will be a popping out, a distinction of perception all around, hearing, smell, taste, feeling, and seeing.

On Friday when I went to our first Gita class, I was struggling. The class took place at the Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia, and the heater was in full-throated cry in the old church. Edwin’s voice had intonations that are the same pitch as the heater and, for me, there were many unfamiliar Sanskrit words. I considered that I might not go back after the first night, because I felt I wasn’t getting much since I got one word in three, and was constantly straining.

On Saturday, I strategized a closer place, sitting about 8 feet to Edwin’s left.
Almost immediately I was in the hearing struggle again, maybe even worse. My head dropped and I fell fast asleep. From time to time through hooded eyes I looked up.
(Sure enough, Joan White saw me falling asleep LOL)

After some minutes, I guess, I awoke, and realized that I could hear him! Somehow during the sleeping time I had dropped in the 3rd Eye, and was focused deeply. I looked around, the colors of the stained glass windows were overwhelming, I saw everyone there, and could hear.

Maybe I will buy a copy of the Gita, it is pretty interesting.

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