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The Philadelphia Eagles and The Joy of Living on the Grid

The Eagles play their postponed game tonight at the Philadelphia Stadium.  Tonight, they won’t yet have their wonderful new system for generating their own power, though  70 thousand people will create different power, and woe betide their opponents!

Flashback to 1948: a conversation I had with my Grandmother Emily brought home to me that we didn’t always have electricity, that ubiquitous source of all things blogg-ish and night football-ish.  Even then, 90 percent of farm families lived without electricity, and in town there were holdouts based on not wanting to be surrounded by electric wires in the house.

Forget about indoor plumbing, on one of those other important grids!  When I visited my other grandparents on a farm 50 miles east of Dallas, they had electricity, but we were visiting the “outhouse” on a regular basis, or complaining about not being “regular”.

Nowadays there is still controversy about electricity, in that even now not all folks want to live in an electrical field which is created by having the whole house wired.  There is also controversy about burning up resources.  Some Rolfers™ like to brag about living “off the grid”.  Of course, they live off the grid with their SUV’s that cover the road grids into town, and have internet.  However, they have given up seeing the Christmas lights in South Philadelphia, amongst other cultural artifacts.

Anyway, Christina and Jeffrey Lurie,  Eagles owners, have taken a big step in using existing sources for creating power “off the grid”, thusly making their own “on the grid” which can even contribute to the big grid.  Christina had a big designer hand in the stadium as a whole, and was the prime mover in this initiative.

You can read about the Eagles’ initiative in the Philadelphia “Grid Magazine”, a wonderful source for ideas and philosphies about all thing grid-ish, for those of us who love the cultural diversity and ambience of the city.

And for more about Christina Lurie:

And for a taste of just how much energy is involved in this project:

A very serious entertaining Grid book by Scott Huler:

Ok, enough linking, I think I left the lights on upstairs, time to turn them off!

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