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The Rolfing® Policewoman talks: The Morality of Posture

There are a lot of “shoulds” involved with posture. Posture is often used to denote holding of ourselves in certain ways which have been handed down by our cultural heroes. We can look at ourselves in a picture with our families of origin and even of adoption and see certain family cultural ways. This is pretty amazing sometimes when there is an overlay of “fashion magazine” or “men’s world magazine”.

“Posture” is often raised to the ideal of religion: do this and you will be one of us.

That still small voice talking to you when you stand up is a left-over police person from your past. When folks come to me, we learn a kinder gentler enforcement, based on a person’s structure and structural improvement, and their own ideas and needs of flow.

The “flow to bound strength” scale popularized by Laban is an interesting one to explore. In this scale, on the left side is Number One, #1.  This person is a comic book character, all loosey goosey, Plastic Man incarnate.

On the right side is Number 10, #10. This person is tension personified, Arnold Schwarzenneger or The Hulk pumping up muscles and holding them still.

In the middle somewhere we have Number Five or Six, #5 or #6. This person is represented by Ginger Rodgers, Fred Astaire, and Gene Kelly. This person is strong enough to leap upon a table and free enough to dance while doing it. (Or play Ultimate Frisbie, or the violin, the piano, conduct, walk, run, play tennis….the list goes on and on.)

I aspire to this, strength with flow for myself and for my clients.

There are many tricks to doing this, ways to trick the old voices and get more strength with flow. After the trick(s) becomes institutionalized because it works better for a person, the trick can become our new “Policewoman”.

Welcome to my world where you make the choices, based on help with structure and function.

You can find me and some of my colleagues, at least some of those in the United States who wish to list themselves, at  This would be great to do for yourself for the New Year.


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