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The Unconscious Body/Mind

Watch out!   here is a sort of Loch Ness, a deep sea, where the monsters live and can’t be spoken with except by signs and portents, and a growing body of mind works…or is it body works. (Dang, Dualism again.)

In this deep sea with monsters, we must be careful to honor the monsters, perhaps throwing them butter pecan ice cream or ayawaska or even single malt scotch from time to time to assuage ancient rumblings.

Sometimes when people come to me they are looking for bodywork help with the monsters.  A favorite is “Once and for all, I want to get this anger out.”

We all know some of the places where this excavation idea came from:  perhaps a remnant of Fritz Perls and Esalen battacca bats, or a story of the “streamings” that come when you just torturously dig out those leg patterns, a la Wilhelm Reich (willy-nilly, no idea of structure here).

Do we want to get rid of the possibility of anger? Heck No! Might need it!  (Emoticon)
That special sauce is needed for special times, that’s why we have it. Is that the only possibility of affect?  —then, there is a problem.

We need more possibles in the possibles, my aunt used to say.  A reset for the old hard drive, to update that a bit.

Sooner or later—– I am giving away a trade secret here ———we will get around to the idea of releasing the monster of joy.  Not a contrived joy, one where we have to earn or learn happiness;  a joy of a better working body/mind in relationship to itself, others, and to the environment.

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