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Those twisty seams on your Jeans

The problem: you get home from a walk and your jean seams are no longer down the sides of your legs, maybe wandering around to the front and back.  Sometimes only one leg seam is twisted.

What made that happen?  Simply put, the flesh on your leg or legs is twisted and as you move, the leg twist carries the seams into your leg twist.

The meat of your leg is crooked.  The twist could come from your knock-kneed or bow-legged pattern, or from the use pattern of your stabilizer leg or kicker foot, and/or how your upper body meat is relating to your lower body meat.

However the crooked meat is being created, there is a way to change that locally in minutes, most lastingly in the context of a Rolfing®  10 series.

Imagine! 10 hours to better structure.

Voila! less seam twisting, possibly producing as a byproduct less knee twisting or hip twisting with their possible pain quotients.

How is this done?

Rolfers™ change structure by hands-on manipulation.  Direct manipulation involves taking the “meat” into the more desired pattern.  Calling for movement at this point helps the leg, for instance, to learn to re-pattern itself while actually changing the structure.

Maybe your paradigm (sorry to use this ’80’s word for habitual thinking) doesn’t include the possibility of the idea of changing the seams on your jeans into a more coherent pattern.

You don’t have to know the how, the Rolfer knows how and can help you change the pattern.  After you have done the pattern changing for yourself with a Rolfer, you may find you just wanna know the how, and can go to the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and learn how.

There is technique, and there is philosophy, and there is application.  There is also lifelong increase of learning of all that, in a fascinating career possibility.

And…we can get started by straightening out the seams in our jeans.

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