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U.S.News&World Report’s Rolfing® Story: some of the back story

Nice to have a Rolfing® Structural Integration news story presented in a serious way, I like the way this story came out.

Here’s some of how it happened: down south in the Carolinas a reporter’s sister was able to return to her piano playing when she had a Rolfing Structural Integration Standard Basic 10 series with a Rolfer™ down there.

The reporter was intrigued by this, as like most other people who find their way to Rolfing SI, Sister had tried a lot of different things before getting the relief she needed from Rolfing SI.

He talked to Sister’s Rolfer™. He called the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration (RISI) in Boulder CO and was put in touch with the staffer who handles that sort of thing. The chairman of the RISI faculty, Valerie Berg, was contacted by the staffer, and Valerie contacted me, and others, who also spoke with the reporter. I did my due diligence on my clients with whom the reporter spoke, and got their permission, including C.J.Chang.

The reporter and I spoke 2 or 3 times. One of the times, we talked about what U.S New and World Report wanted him to do to make the story more factual to the magazine. In the editor’s favor is that the editor didn’t go in and make some sensationalistic changes in the story as was done with the New York Times story last year. There are a couple of factual items in this U.S. News story which didn’t turn out so well, and I’m blaming editing that sort of mushed things together.

Mushing may have resulted in the following: the diagnosis of arthritis for herself did not factor into Ida P. Rolf’s work in the ’30s, though it may have factored into further development into the ’60s. Rolfing techniques are not at all like so-called “deep tissue massage”. The COMPTA program was entered by the Rolf Institute so that students could get student loans through them. It does not mean that Rolfing is massage, as could be inferred by the story. It is a holistic body/mind work that uses manual therapy, with techniques which are quite different from “massage”, even “deep tissue massage”.

I’m not able to come up with a youtube video for C.J. Chang, but among many other venues, you can hear him live in chamber music in Reno NV this December. He plays all over the world with the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Johannes Quartet, and soloistically. Here’s the link with his bio for the December concert:

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