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You Will Never Be Lonely Again

Since I read that the above title is the most popular blog title of all time, I have been wanting to try it out.  What would this do for my blog “spiders and feeds”?

The back of my mind has been running this program for a couple of weeks: how can the best most popular blog title in the world of pixels be related to Rolfing SI?

Though not totally ready on this question, I must tell my research so far. It began with a friend’s idea for her show-and-tell at a health fair out West.

She will have postcards, which folks who visit her table can mail to relatives or others from whom they have been estranged. Perhaps some hurtful words and acts have turned them away from each other, and a kind communication could start with a postcard.

Immediately I thought: One could mail a card to one’s disowned self!

Imagine, someone comes in my office and says some dissociative remark, maybe, “I hate my posture!” and BANG I’ve got them addressing a postcard to themselves!

Isn’t this more constructive than, “You poor thing, you’ve got the world on your shoulders!”

Perhaps the postcard could say, “Even though I completely and totally hate you slumpy shoulders and sticking out hurty neck, I completely and totally accept you.”

The body listens to good and to bad talk about itself; so why not be a little constructive about the talk?

The big question is, Are you listening, spiders and feeds?

Postscript on Oct. 18: Spiders and feeds have already tripled this month.



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  1. Linda–the postcard is MUCH more constructive. Reminded me of a book called, “Hidden Messages in Water.” A scientist in Japan did research on the effect of words on water. He would ask people to speak to water and then freeze the water in a special process that would form ice crystals. The shape of the crystals changed depending on the words spoken to it. (Of course, the research is much more complex than this, but this is the gist of it.) Since the body is mostly water, the words we say/think can really make an impact. PS, I must say, the blog title was intriguing.

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